Celebrate Summer with FREE Shipping!

Celebrate Summer with FREE Shipping!

Celebrate Summer with Magic of Aloe and FREE Shipping from now until August 31st, 2017*!

Summer is in full swing with longer days, plenty of sunshine and warm-weather activities. There is no better time to treat your skin to the many benefits of a 100% organic aloe vera based skin care regimen. And we want to make it easy for you to get the best with Magic of Aloe! So for the rest of the month of July, you will receive *FREE Shipping with your minimum $50 purchase. We invite you to go ahead, dive in to summer savings with MOA!

Here are some other summer skin care tips:

Added activity levels and summer’s humidity levels can lead to increased perspiration and active oil glands. If you find your skin is more oily than normal, try adding an extra cleansing to your normal routine. You can also use your toner as much as needed to remove perspiration and oil residue, not to mention the cooling effect you will get on a hot summer day. Try putting some in a spray bottle to keep in your beach or gym bag!

If you still feel your skin is more oily than normal and your are using our collagen anti-aging formula, perhaps switching to the basic skin care series will help for the summer. If you are using a night cream, try using your daytime moisturizer at night. Whatever you do, don’t stop caring for your skin. Discontinuing your moisturizer could shock your skin and cause your oil glands to be even more active or give you break-outs.

Summer can mean sunburn so be sure to have plenty of our soothing aloe products on hand. Aloe Crystal Gel is the time-tested standard for soothing skin burns, including sunburn. If your skin is dry and peeling, use Aloe Aid for all the soothing and healing effects of Crystal Gel combined with special moisturizing ingredients. And for painful sunburns and hard to reach areas, you really must try Aloe Magic. Aloe Magic comes in a spray and can be applied without rubbing your painful skin. Your kids will love you for it! And if you order before August 31st, you will save 20% on Aloe Magic Spray

We hope you will enjoy your summer and use Magic Of Aloe products to lessen the negative effects of the sun, warm air and extra perspiration. Sunshine and summer activities are meant to be enjoyed and with FREE Shipping, you can order as many of our products as you need to get through the long summer days!


*FREE Shipping requires a minimum purchase of $50.